What’s currently happening in the business environment? What don’t you know already about your business or product?

  • Organize all existing research and data to provide focus and guidance on a value proposition, understand the competitive frame, confirm/develop points of differentiation and insure the target groups (low hanging fruit) understand and value what is being offered and why.  More specifically to understand:
  • What’s currently happening in the business environment – what are the economic conditions, trends, social changes, etc., that could impact the business, good or bad, that impact the opportunities available today?
  • The industry and determine the outlook – What is the current and anticipated size of the low hanging fruit market?  What’s happened/occurring in the recent past, present and anticipated in the immediate future?  Will this impact the value proposition.
  • The competitive environment – Who are the direct competitive companies that offer similar packages or program? What are their marketing practices?  What do they offer better, same or less than you?  What do companies do today to accomplish the same results?  How hard is change in this market?
  • The target audience – Who is the “buyer?” The C-Suite?  The owner, assuming a SMB?  When/how is the decision made?  Before or after an issue surfaces?   Who are the decision makers?  Who are the influencers?  Can opportunities be identified before an issue comes up?
  • We have an in-take process that will help us get organized and, possibly, this process may suggest getting direct input from customers and competitors.