We can help you with ideation and collaboration from concept to completion through our consulting sessions. With so much fake and incorrect information out there: real people love real content, real products and real services. What does it mean to be real? It means whatever you want your customer to think of you, when they hear your name, see your logo, interact with your community. People can smell the BS, so why waste everyone’s time. Be real, be genuine, be real genuine and your brand will float to the top.

  • Branding : Are you recognizable and memorable? Why is branding important? When should you start thinking about it?  Your product is a brand.  So are you.
  • Marketing & Advertising : What to know for today’s marketplace. Everything that you say and how you present yourself and your product, visually and in writing, from Day 1, makes a difference in getting a sale or securing a licensee.
  • Processes (Marketing & Sales) : How to make sure your team or the consultants that help you are on the same page.
  • Reverse Engineer Marketing :  This will help you figure out what YOU need to do and WHY!