Alamari Design and Print is a full-service agency with expertise in a broad range of areas. It is our belief that no two clients are alike.  Even the smallest of differences call for big ideas in order to gain a competitive advantage. Thus, rather than reflecting our agency’s style, the work we do expresses the vision and unique selling proposition of each individual client. We are ready to provide all the enthusiasm, proven experience and new thinking your project deserves!

We are committed to not only helping you meet your expectations for this project, but to exceed them. Our firm will devote all the time, energy and staff necessary to give this project the attention it requires on a daily basis. And one other important point we like to make: when you work with Alamari Design and Print, you’ll work with our entire team, including our top-level executives. You will always get our “A-Team” and our best work – that’s a promise.

Bryan Lifshitz

Bryan Lifshitz

CEO & President


Bryan Lifshitz is a business professional, Dad Inventor, Graphic Artist and Creative Project Manager with a proven ability to help businesses and organizations with his “big picture” thinking. That thinking that never shuts-off. He thrives on bright and creative ideas—and having fun while getting it all done!

Bryan brings two decades of marketing and advertising experience and overall excitement for business, inventions and innovation providing compelling stories and engaging discussion to make you think about how to ‘Move Forward’. His expertise originated in visual communications (graphic design) and has expanded over the years to include branding, printing, product development, account and project management, consumer products and convention planning; all the skills needed to promote products or services.

He’s gone from kid salesperson to retail management right out of college with many roles for more than a decade in corporate life; then he decided to start AlaMari Media. He was born in South Africa and became a US Citizen then went on to receive an award of heroism from the Mayor of Phoenix in 2012 for helping rescue victims from a helicopter crash. That incident has lead Bryan to wonder what a life in politics may be all about….


2008 – Beat out Nike graphic designers for the Kenyan American Soccer Exchange brand & logo; a girls empowerment program for developing countries

2009 – Started AlaMari Media

2009 – Bryan and Oldest brother marketed and sold The Wrist List, their first invention and was seen on The Tonight Show with jay Leno.

2010 – Bryan along with his 2 older brothers launched the Piggyback Rider® to the world, initially winning 15+ awards, major press, celebrities and fanfare

2012 – M.V.P. (Most Valuable Phoenician) for Heroism from Mayor of Phoenix

2015 – Board President of the Inventors Association of Arizona

2016 – Launched new retail product in the adult industry.

2017 – Was seen on the internet over 100 million times in a viral video for Piggyback Rider.